And now for something a little different…

Just a quick head’s up that Mark Johnson and I are starting a little blog project, details are below. Let us know what you think as we go and if you have any questions…

What are we doing?:

We’re writing a series of blog posts from two perspectives: a PR-focused marketer (Julie) and a marketing-savvy product guy (Mark).

Sometimes Mark will write a post on a more product-focused topic he finds interesting on his blog, with Julie writing about the same topic on her blog from the PR/marketing perspective. And other weeks Julie will take the lead. At the core, we are talking about marketing from two different sides of the die (don’t want to say both sides of the coin: this bad boy is certainly a many sided die). We can’t promise you a regular schedule but we will commit to write at least a point/counter-point haiku when times are busy.

Why are we doing this?:

The genesis of the idea was from our conversations about business – clearly from the perspective of the worlds we live in: Mark product, Julie PR. We think that a solid collaboration between PR/marketing and product is critical to successful products and product launches. We considered writing a book, but realized that we don’t have the answers and that we’d learn more from writing posts and getting feedback from the community. We tend to say it like it is, so forgive us in advance if we ever offend. We are just tired of seeing the marketing role continue to break as the world changes and the product role always ignoring e-mails from the marketing company. We are trying to change along with it and are looking forward to seeing where it takes us.

Who we are:

Mark Johnson is a startup addict – always looking for a new way to straddle the key roles of product management and marketing. In defiance of statistics, two out of three of his start-ups have been acquired (SideStep->Kayak and Powerset->Microsoft/Bing) so he either knows his stuff or should head to Vegas and put a Benjamin on 25. In his spare time, his activities are mostly unmentionable in a professional forum, but often include professional mixologists, neo-rave parties, taxidermy and chess.

Julie Crabill is a recently funemployed PR pro with 10 years of experience in everything from silicon chips and dildos to robotic dinosaurs and Powershots. She is ready to apologize for the mistakes of her industry and move on. Julie’s looking to partner with hot, fun startups while she thinks about ways to build the PR agency of the future. In her spare time, she likes to plan trips to Napa, maximize participation in frequent flier programs and categorize and log her wine collection.

Julie and Mark would like to thank Bach for inventing counterpoint, Socrates for inventing the dialogue and Al Gore for inventing the Internet.

~ by Julie Crabill on September 14, 2009.

2 Responses to “And now for something a little different…”

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